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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Enactment Date : 2018-06-07
In using the “Chronicle Gate” (hereinafter "this application"), ZOOM inc. ("we" ”us” or “our”) has established the following privacy policy(this policy) concerning the handling of customer's information provided to us. In agreeing to this policy, please carefully read all of the following terms of this policy.

If you are a minor, you can not agree to this policy yourself. Be sure to agree with this policy by legal representatives such as your parental authority.

By downloading this application, accessing it and / or playing it, you agree to use the customer's information in compliance with this policy.
1. Information we obtain from customers
In this application, we will obtain the following information from customers.
(1) Information related to the type of device that the customer is using.
(2) Information on how customers are playing this application (progress and purchased).
2. Purpose of using information
The purpose of use of information acquired from our customers is as follows and we will not use it for other uses. However, this is not the case under the law.
(1) To provide, maintain and improve the service of this application.
(2) For product improvement and market research.
(3) For inquiries.
We will use your information to solve the problem if we inquire of our company about problems arising in using this application.
3. Provision of information
We may provide your information in the following cases.
(1) When publishing to other customers within this application.
When you use this application, your user name may be disclosed to other customers in the application.
(2) When we obtain your consent.
We may provide your information to third parties with your consent.
(3) In cases based on according to laws and regulations.
In cases based on laws and regulations, we may provide your information to third parties without obtaining your consent.
4. Information protection
We will take reasonable steps necessary to protect your information from loss, stealing, misuse, unauthorized access, leakage, tampering and damage.

However, the Internet is not a 100% secure environment. We can not guarantee the absolute safety of all information transmitted or electronically stored. We are not responsible for any unauthorized access, disclosure, theft, loss, or loss of personal information. By using this application, you agree to understand and agree to these risks.
5. Change of this policy
We may change this policy from time to time. This changed policy will be posted in this application and it will take effect from the time the notice is posted.
When using this application, please check the latest policy at any time from time to time.
6. Contact Information
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at