"Chronicle Gate" is a new sensational triple-match game adding elements such as "characters" as the players partner, "training of the character", and "attack" to the conventional match puzzle game where one had to arrange three of the same color to erase them. It is a game that even light users can enjoy without too much difficulty, users enjoying the pleasant feeling of rapid progression and appearance of unique characters.
Pnilian are an alien race that can freely move to the pasts and futures beyond time and space. They are very friendly to our humankind, and willing to help those in need. But they don’t have the notion as history with them. Thus, they bring something convenient to the past, with no sense of guilt.
You will learn how to handle match-3 puzzle, etc.
Pnilian will bring can opener to the era where there were
cans but no can openers;
players will collect can openers
by destroying boxes within panels.
Pnilian will bring fountain pen, etc. to the era where there
were only feather pens;
you players will collect pens
by destroying boxes within panels.
Pnilian will bring disposable lighter to the primitive age;
you players will find and collect 3 kinds of disposable
lighters hidden in grasses.
Pnilian will receive dinosaur eggs in return for lighters;
you players will collect dinosaur babies hatched from the eggs.
Pnilian will gift sets of aqua lungs to Ninjas diving into
bogs, many of whomwill be about to be drowned for not
knowingthe fact that they will run out of air within
100 minutes or so,whom you players are to save out.
In addition to the main story, there is a
"challenge mode" where players can compete
with each other "Item challenge" is the competition
of making items The "Scoring challenge" and others
are competitions for points Players aim for the
top of the ranking by playing event stages.
If you advance in the Chronicle Zone to a certain stage,
you will be eligible to take a promotion exam.
If you pass, you can aim for the next ranking,
so let’s aim for the heights !